An aspect of the museum’s mission is to make art accessible for everyone. As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has included an expansion of its social media, the museum is creating an on-going library of virtual tours. Online tours are a way for people who are unable to visit the museum in person to experience the visual arts.

2021 Consumate Craftsman 3D Tour

To enhance the community’s museum experience, in addition to touring the galleries in person, a virtual tour of the exhibition of more than 75 objects is presented here.

Great Cities Have Great Museums Video

This short video is an exciting overview of the museum’s historic facilities, innovative educational programming and extensive community outreach.

Permanent Collection Galleries

This tour highlights the museum’s two Permanent Collection wings.

RiverArtes Exhibition

This tour leads the viewer through one of the museum’s biennial Riverartes exhibitions which are organized to assist in the selection of public art for the City of Owensboro Municipal Art Collection.

2020 Holiday Forest Festival of Trees

This tour is a virtual walk-through of one of the region’s premier holiday attractions.