Kentucky Women Artists: 1850-2000

Survey I, KENTUCKY WOMEN ARTIST: 1850 – 1970, celebrates women who were successful as artists before the advent of the women’s movement of the 1970s. These early stalwarts overcame societal obstacles to training and professional opportunity that prevailed from· 1850 – 1970, and forged important and contributory careers in the visual arts.

Survey II, KENTUCKY WOMEN ARTISTS: 1970 – 2000, heralds the accomplishments of Kentucky women who have exceeded the contributions of their maternal forerunners by moving to an even higher level of recognition. They have helped establish a context for the art of women, a need identified and championed in the 1970s by feminist artists and writers of the women’s movement – a context in which the art of women can be recognized and evaluated as a part of main­stream art.

“Woman Standing in a Dutch Door” by Helen Marie Turner, NA, (1858-1958)